Cattail Organics is a 50 acre diverse Certified Organic Farm nestled in the North West corner of Marathon County in Athens Wisconsin. Using over 15 years of vegetable growing experience and 12 years of ownership of Stoney Acres Farm; Kat Becker brings her skills and knowledge to an intentionally small scale farm. We grow 5 acres of vegetables, herbs, cut flowers and produce mushrooms and small batch maple syrup. Kat farms with her kids (4, 7, and 10), 3 cats, 2 dogs and 23 chickens. Cattail Organics has a 3 season intentionally small CSA with high levels of cooking support and farm events; grows year round vegetables for restaurants and small groceries; and is dabbling in cut flowers for CSA members, local stores and local designers.

CSA 2018

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Upcoming Events

Kat @ Cattail Organics will be hosting a series of events in 2018 including CSA member only celebrations,  free talks and workshops (at the farm and in Wausau), and workshops and events with a fee focused on DIY topics, relaxation and great food. See the calendar for current listings.
Events Calendar
Check out the Cattails Events Calendar!  Click on dates within the calendar to get details on events and workshops at the farm for CSA members and the public, as well as events in Wausau.
Greenhouse Sale - May 19th!
The Greenhouse Sale will be taking place in Wausau on May 19th.  Details will be listed on the  Events Calendar.

Farmer Reflections

I have been out of the ranty blog business for several months mainly because life and restarting a farm and taking care of myself all take time… and I’d rather get a good snuggle in or play Legos for real (not half pretending) in the precious hours when I’m not working… but I’m back again
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7164 Rangeline Road, Athens, WI 54411
E-mail: cattailorganicfarm@gmail.com Phone: (715) 432-4683