Community Supported Agriculture

Join Cattail Organics for 1, 2, or all 3 seasons of vegetables committing to healthy, local, organic produce delivered to your neighborhood or workplace. Click here to sign-up. 

Farmer’s Market/Direct Sales

Bull Falls Farmers Market– Cattail Organics will have several “pop-up” farmers markets events in 2018 including a two week spring plant sale (May); Mid summer flower and canning supplies market (July/August); and a Stock your Pantry Market (Sept/Oct). You can

Wausau Winter Farmers Market -In 2018/19 you can find our produce, herb wreaths, apring cut flowers and more at the  Boys and Girls Club through the End of December and Again in March. To sign up for weekly market or farm news (click here)

Central Rivers Farmshed Frozen Assets Program – put “Wisconsin Summer in your freezer” with products from 4 area organic farms including Cattail Organics!

Direct from the Farm– You can custom order produce for pick up on the farm seasonally (June-November) by contacting us for a weekly list. These orders must be a minimum of $50. This is a great way to get our produce if you are traveling from further away; if you have larger seasonal canning or baby food making projects; or to stock up for holidays or vacations.

 Bulk cases of the following items for the 2019 season for canning or preservation: Cabbage (kraut or storage); carrots (storage); tomato(canning or roma); snap beans; pie pumpkin/squash; cucumbers; beets; basil, onions, potatoes, . Other items by request. email or call to order/for pricing list.

Flowers– In 2019 we will offer a flower share (delivered to CSA drop off sites) every other week July-Sept. I will also be hosting 2 flower workshops TBA. I will taking limited orders for events and will work with designers and florist shops via direct inquiry only. Bulk or cut your own flowers available Late July-September.

At Stores

Downtown Grocery – One of my longest connections in the community and one of the shining stars of local and organic produce. They feature produce  throughout the year from Cattail Organics and also will be collaborating on and hosting events throughout the next year.  Downtown Grocery will be selling our flowers on a trial basis in 2018 as well.

Stevens Point Area Food Co-op – Get off the shelf produce in the producer cooler or sign up for bulk deliveries of produce in their new case program. Click here for more details and you can request produce specifically from my farm.

At Restaurants

The following establishments purchase our food regularly and feature it on regular and specials menus. Other establishments that list our produce DO NOT actually purchase from us. Interested in getting more local restaurants to carry our products? You can provide them with the information for wholesalers below!

Red Eye Brewing Company

Sconni’s Alehouse and Eatery

Are you a chef, grocery manager or school/institutional buyer? See below for more info.

Kat Becker of Cattail Organics has been working directly with restaurants, schools and grocery stores for the past 13 years (as former owner of Stoney Acres Farm and now in her own business). Cattail Organics has the ability to grow produce for you for specific time windows and offers some produce the entire year. We also offer special pricing for commited weekly/biweekly or seasonal purchases and forward percentage discounts for larger commitments. Unlike distributors in the area we do not upcharge for partial cases and can work to get you produce at your ideal ripeness and to grow exactly what you want and love. For a sample pricing list or more information please email Kat Becker at  and include a subject message “Wholesale list.”