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About the Farm

Cattail Organics is a 50 acre diverse Certified Organic Farm nestled in the North West corner of Marathon County in Athens Wisconsin. Using over 15 years of vegetable growing experience and 12 years of ownership of Stoney Acres Farm; Kat Becker brings her skills and knowledge to an intentionally small scale farm with 5 acres of vegetables, herbs cut flowers as well as mushrooms and maple syrup. Kat farms with her kids (4, 7, and 10), 3 cats, 2 dogs and 23 chickens. Cattail Organics has a 3 season intentionally small CSA with high levels of cooking support and farm events; grows year round vegetables for restaurants and small groceries; and is dabbling in cut flowers for CSA members, local stores and local designers.

About the Farm-her

Kat hails from the small metropolis of New York City (yes the city not the suburbs) with a diverse background in International Agriculture, a Masters Degree in Sociology, and a passion around seed politics, plant varieties and plant breeding. She has farmed for the past 15 years and brings a deep knowledge of plants and a passion for justice in all parts of the farm including valuing her own and others labor and caring for soil microorganisms.  Kat loves all aspects of the farm – from nerdy spreadsheets, to variety trials, hard physical labor, social media, and eating.

About the Family and Community

Kat has three young children who sample and trample vegetables and bring unimaginable amounts of love to her and her farm. She also shares space and meals with her mother who was transplanted from NYC in 2012 and farm land and her heart with Logan Brock of Growing Earth Farm (who offers his own CSA, Market Vegetables and Wholesale). Like all farmers and businesses she is deeply connected to her community which has historically been a dairy farming rejoin (now deep in the dairy crisis); as well as her communities in Athens, Wausau, and Medford where she depends on friends, family, hardware stores, feed co-ops, local restaurants, the schools, local grocery stores and much more.

About the Food

Farming is really about food and food is actually about farming. Cattail Organics is focused on making these connections transparent and teaching eaters how to eat seasonally, organically, diversely and beautifully.  We have the highest standards for quality, flavor, food safety and cleanliness. We meet and exceed the organic standards as we are 100% no spray and have created wildlife plantings, beneficial insect habitat and manage our soil to reduce tillage and disturbance of all organisms. You can see a full list of where to find Cattail Organics food here.  As part of her values around food, Kat believes in Donations with Dignity and fresh healthy food for all. As part CSA each member pledges (through paying the normal CSA share price) $2/week to a local food bank and Kat matches this (providing $300/week of donations to The Neighbor’s Place and The Women’s Community – that the food pantries determine in terms of food choice). Wholesale accounts can choose to pay a 2% mark up and be included in the donations system.

Contact Kat @ Cattail Organics

You can text or call 715-432-4683 or email