How to Choose the Right CSA Share

Size: All our shares are sized for a small (2-5 member) family.  We don’t do small shares because we find that the amount and selection many people want cannot be accomplished. Instead we offer different frequencies of delivery to fit with your food needs. Many single people get every other week deliveries or split boxes with friends. Our box is 3/4 bushels which is the size of a full paper grocery bag and the weight and loft change throughout the season. 


Full Shares (weekly). We have many couples who use a regular share as well as larger families who find this to be the right amount so individual consumption varies a lot. If you eat vegetable rich meals or eat most meals at home,  a couple can use a regular share. If you have a large family (over 5 individuals) we can also offer you a discount for subscribing for 2 CSA shares or can help direct you to other food businesses to use to supplement additional produce when needed. 


Every Other Week  shares for individuals, couples or families who want to explore other shopping venues, love the farmers market but don’t always make it, want try CSA, OR who eat out regularly.  Many people find that this works well as a first year membership to explore CSA. We do allow some flexibility for pick up dates so if you travel for 1 month a summer or have a changing schedule we can work with you to schedule your 10 pick ups over 20 weeks

Monthly Shares are a perfect way to try CSA out or for small families or individuals who eat out or shop at other venues but want to incorporate some CSA/local produce into their diets. This is a great way to see how CSA fits with your life, to connect to farmers and you get the same events as well as a  a season of weekly newsletters that give you recipes and connect you to a farm.

Splitting a Share: You are also welcome to split a share with another family but you arrange the pick up and split the produce yourself.

Seasons: We offer Spring (weekly); Summer (choose weekly, every other week, or monthly), and fall shares. In 2020 we will also offer school season shares which run every week Sept-December (15 weeks) and fit well with people who travel a lot in summer.

We would love to be your CSA for the whole year but welcome members of other CSAs who want to get choice spring vegetables or want to support a set of different businesses throughout the season. We purposefully arrange CSA calendars to compliment other area CSAs so you can do just that.

Note: Spring and Flower CSA shares are limited to 20 shares; Summer to 80 shares/week; and fall to 50 shares. 

Regular CSA Season Shares are designed for people with no prior CSA experience and are focused on “regular” vegetables plus a few additions, where spring and fall shares feature seasonal items which can be more outside the normal popular grocery items.