Home Sweet Farm


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  • Options for every week and every other week delivery
  • Weekly Newsletters, cooking support, and shopping lists to compliment vegetables
  • Monthly Mushrooms and fresh flower bouquets; weekly choice of herbs
  • Pick Up sites- Downtown Grocery, Navieve Fromagerie, Wausau Near Eastside, Medford, Athens, and On-Farm
  • Built in donations to foodbanks and opportunities to donate more resources or time. 
  • Farm Events and Community Days



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CSA or community supported agriculture is a system that puts food dollars in the hands of farmers and provides shared risk and reward for the seasons bounty. It diversifies and localizes your diet while allowing a farm family to grow a health variation of Organic Produce. 


Find Cattails vegetables and mushrooms at a range of local stores and restaurants. 

Restaurants, Groceries, Institutions (Schools, Hospitals etc), and Individuals can order for regular or one time deliveries.