Sign up for 1,2 or all 3 seasons of Certified Organic Produce

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 We offer three eating seasons of shares (Spring, Summer- Fall, and Fall-Winter) - sign up for 1,2 or all 3. Save 10% if you sign up for  all three seasons. Discount applies to every other week shares too.  

Boxes can be picked up on Wednesdays from 12-5pm (we extended hours at several locations) in Wausau, Medford, at the farm, and for Athens residents delivered to your home -  Wausau pick up sites include Downtown Grocery (downtown Wausau), Navieve Fromagerie (Westside Wausau), Michelle Clark and Aaron Vankray's home Oakwood and Ethel (Near Eastside Wausau), Marilyns Fire Station (Medford), Athens WI. Both Greenheck and Marathon County are offering business workplace picks ups (contact Kat for specifics on these). 

  May (4 Weeks) - a greens heavy season with several type of salad and cooking greens, onion family crops like wild ramps and scallions, mushrooms (2 weeks), and micro greens. You can also expect radishes, spring turnips, and peas and some surprises. Regular Share $120 (no every other week shares sorry!)

Main Season June-Mid October (20 weeks - Note we take one week off for July 4th) - Your standard CSA with a focus on quantities and types of vegetables that families in the area use most (plus some other common and uncommon featured veggies on occasion). Regular Share $550; Ever Other Week Share (10 deliveries) $300

Fall/Winter November and December (8 weeks) - A mixture of fall roots, cabbage family crops like broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts, squash, onions, potatoes and more with weekly greens like spinach or kale; herbs; and mushrooms 2-3 times. Regular Share $240; Every Other Week Share $150

PAYMENT- CSA provides the literal seed money for farms like mine so we can avoid seasonal debt and put energy into planning and preparing for the season as best we can. If you are able mail a check for a full amount OR mail two checks (one for at least $100 downpayment and a second check dated before the season starts for the remainder). If you need a payment plan please email or call I am happy to work with you! We also offer subsidized shares and can process foodshare (food stamps/EBT) in collaboration with Fairshare CSA coalition - to apply for financial help or to use EBT follow this link and call or email


Worker Shares We are offering 4 worker share positions for 2018 which requires a weekly commitment of 4 hours in exchange for a regular share. See position descriptions below. If you have other skills like bookkeeping, accounting, art design, building etc and want to talk about a formal exchange just email or call. 

Field Work (2-3 positions)- Mondays and Tuesdays only either 8-12 or 1-5pm. A variety of physical labor including harvest, washing and weeding. 

House keeping Share (1 position) - Its not glorious but we need help with basic house keeping such as laundry, floor cleaning, organization. Any day between 8-5pm will work.

Childcare/enrichment Share (1 position June-August, Friday desired)- Come teach art, language, building skills, or any super fun engaging activities to my three kids (4,7, 10). Educational experience (formal or informal) desired. 


I will be providing weekly newsletters with recipes, shopping list for the current and following week, short online videos teaching you about the veggies of the week, quick cooking and storage tips, and will offer several classes (CSA 101; Stocking your pantry; and other TBA based on preseason survey). Beyond these venues I can pair any new member with a more experienced CSA member for ideas and support if you are new to seasonal eating. 


CSA members will receive a calendar with all pick up days, events and community days market. 

Thursday community day - Monthly June - October we will offer a semi structured community day at the farm open to all ages. We will have adult and older children focused projects, family projects, and time to just wander, fish in the pond, visit the chickens and ducks or picnic. We will offer upick flowers, herbs, and some crops like cherry tomatoes at these events. We will also organize harvest for extra donations to food banks at this time. 

Spring Open house (May)- Pot herb plants, dwarf tomato or flower pot and decorate it if you like. Visit our baby chicks, collect eggs, and see the farm. Designed for all ages. Casual farm tour, coffee, tea and rhubarb bars. 

Summer campfire night (July)- Join us for a potluck and s'mores and a campfire by our pond. Potluck, farm field sports, wood walks and other fun will be planned. 

Fall Sukkot party (October)- Based on my Jewish culture this is my favorite holiday focused on the harvest. Basically just a big harvest party and we will decorate a sukkah which is like a big tent made of natural materials and will share a meal and look at the stars. More details to come. This is not a religious event. 


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What Is CSA All About? 

Cattail Organics builds on Kat Becker's 13 years of farm ownership and management of vegetable production at Stoney Acres Farm to bring you an eater focused CSA focused on high quality organic vegetables, healthy cooking, food education and community service. 

By keeping my CSA intentionally small I offer flexibility, regular communication and extensive cooking and recipe support. I also partner with local food banks, provide produce to local schools and build pricing around providing a living wage to myself and employees. 

Cattail CSA shares are perfect for both foodies and people new to CSA with weekly shopping lists and recipes for different skill levels, laid back events for all ages, and a place where we can build and deepen community. Because CSA is our main focus (with no farmers markets) and we are focused on a small community of 80 or less member families, you can expect the very best quality and support. 

Using season extension methods we hope to bring you the standard favorite vegetables regularly for as long as we can grow them like broccoli, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, carrots, onions/garlic, cabbage, salad mix and head lettuce, sweet peppers, zucchini, potatoes, beans/peas and to expand your horizons through 1-2 unique vegetables per week (with lots of recipes to help you use them). We will include weekly choice herbs (choose between 2-3 types), oyster or shiitake mushrooms monthly (2-3 times with spring and fall shares), and strawberries in the first year (with more fruit in the future) as well as a monthly bouquet of fresh organic flowers (June-Oct).


Workplace, Church or Club CSA. If you are a local businessor organization that would like to incorporate CSA into your wellness program, host a drop off site for employees/members, or want ideas on how to support a farm while promoting health through cooking classes or other CSA support contact Kat directly via email or phone. Follow the button below (provided by the Fairshare CSA Coalition) to answer basic questions on hosting or promoting CSA.