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Highest Quality – Our vegetables have a great reputation locally for quality, flavor, shelf life and cleanliness! Yep folks our most common feedback is that people are amazed that our produce comes cleaner than that you buy in the store and exceeds quality expectations.

A Seasonal Organic Journey – We like to celebrate and recognize the seasonality of food. We deliver our amazing certified organic vegetables year-round in our cold climate. Our crops are primarily grown in the open field but we use season extension including unheated greenhouses (called hoop houses or high tunnels); great on-farm cold storage (like a modern root cellar); and our heated greenhouse in spring where we produce seedlings, fresh herbs and micro greens for a LONGER SEASON! We have fresh baby lettuces and carrots for 10 months, Kale for 8 months but some items like tomatoes or peppers have a much shorter window. All our crops are grown in soil.

Grown in Heathy Soil – It is our goal to provide local food grown in soil (not hydroponically or aquaponically) for the longest season possible while offering the widest selection we can for a given season. Why is soil important? Soil and healthy soil life not only produce the healthiest produce but also interact with our climate, support carbon sequestration, is tied to the health of watershed and much more. As an organic farmer soil is my most important crop. Because our farm is intentionally small some items sell out early in spring and fall but we specialize in some amazing staples like lettuce and carrots.

Diversity and Flavor – We grow hundred of varieties and over 50 different crops from Asparagus to Zucchini and we select them based on flavor, adaptation to our climate, cooking qualities and for some items storage capacity! Aside for purchasing our produce you can also access many of our favorite varieties at our annual plant sale (pre-orders start late march and the sale ends the last week in May).

More questions about how we grow and what we grow? Just reach out. We are passionate about sharing our experiences and food with others!