A Donation to Local Food Bank – $5




Money that is donated through farms creates a double value – allowing us to stabilize our businesses, keeping money circulating locally as we source supplies and continue to pay our employees. It also brings highest quality food to for banks which requires much less labor to sort, a longer shelf life and durability for the folks who need food. Due to continued interest we have created two basic donation levels. Choose multiples of $5 to reach your desired amount. Smaller donations will be aggregated to provide the goods that are met in need at a given time.

Donations to food banks will be coordinated with their directors/management to best meet their needs throughout the 2020 growing season. Unless specified donations will go the Neighbor’s Place in Wausau or be given to families as CSA shares if connected directly with the farm by local aid organizations. If you have a specific food bank you would like us to work with please provide their name and a contact or give them an email with the donated amount and cc: us so we can connect.


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