Tomato Seedling, San Marzano (Roma/Paste)

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San Marzano tomatoes are so well loved and well known they have one of the largest followings of any tomato we grow. They have a great classic flavor, make great sauce, and are a classic Italian heirloom meaning you can save and select your own seed if you like. That said we personally to see San Marzanos as a beginners Roma/sauce type. Plant can get very large, fruit often develops later in the season, and they need a bit of TLC compared to some other more northern hardy plants. We suggest Blue Beech which are almost twice the size and earlier alongside or in their place for new to gardening folks. Another great combo is bellstar paste tomatoes which are extra early which will produce first and be done by the time the san marzanos arrive. We know the flavor is hard to beat and that they are worth the wait.

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