Seedlings and Flowers


Seedling/Bedding Plants are Available Every Year in the Month of May with our Pre-orders Opening March 28th 2021.

Our offerings include over 40 variety of tomatoes and peppers; a range of staple vegetables, culinary herbs, and both edible and common flowers. You can view the whole list here!!

Details for pre-order/sales

We offer pick ups of preorders in the Month of May Saturdays at the Wausau Farmers Market, Wednesdays at Central Rivers Farmshed in Stevens Point (with a home delivery via bike option), or at the farm by appointment. We will have appointments for on-farm pick up OR on site shopping available May 20-30th.

We will have a full selection of plants available at the market and farm for in person shopping but encourage online orders to ensure you get what you most want!

We strongly recommend that you choose May 15-29th for orders containing tomatoes, peppers or other non-cold hardy plants! Gardeners who would like to plant some things early can choose from our “cold hardy” plants for an early May pick up and delay other items as needed.

All our seedlings are ALL USDA Certified Organic and we focus on the same important values we bring to our produce


Like everything on our farm, our flowers are Organic. We offer flowers on our online store for preorder for market or add-ons to CSA, take special requests, and have by the bucket sales.

Freshness – We harvest flowers at the ideal time for a long vase life. Seedlings are gown for your garden at the same standard as our farm!

Highest Quality- Our flowers tend to have a long vase life because we deliver the highest quality product with normal households and businesses in mind! Our seedlings are commercial quality NOT bought in plugs from national chains.

Local and sustainable – we do not treat our flowers or plants with ANY pesticides, even those allowed in organic production; we grow flowers in a rotation with our vegetable crops and use farming techniques rooted in soil health.

Communication – we provide customers and CSA members with information about the flowers and seedlings we grow and how they fit into the ecosystem

WHY BY LOCAL FLOWERS? Download our free resource 5 reasons to by local flowers

Flowers for Individuals

  • We offer a household flowers as a weekly add on the CSA shares (order in the member store)
  • We offer pet safe bouquets and can even make a bouquet your cat and you can enjoy together with no danger of toxic plants or toxic pesticides
  • We can work with you to provide flowers for events in the summer and fall. Our flowers can be sold as arrangements or bulk in buckets. Contact us for details and pricing.
  • We have flower focused private events and will have public flower events TBA in 2021.

Flowers for Businesses

  • Business flower delivery can range from a single to several front office or desk top arrangements/week to many table top arrangements for restaurants or those with multiple points of customer contact.
  • Our business customers are similar to CSA members in that they receive seasonal flowers June-October to fit the season but payment can be set up for weekly or monthly reoccurring charges or invoicing.