About Our Farm

About Farmer Kat

I come to farming with a diverse background and a passion around seed politics, plant varieties and plant breeding.

I love all aspects of the farm – from spreadsheets, to variety trials, hard physical labor, social media, and eating. Farming is the backbone of my life, family and is my form of art.

My farm career is rooted in what many people think is a non agricultural past, growing up in NYC and some twists and turns, college and graduate school, amazing farm work experiences and a job and relationship I found my way to Athens. I began my own farm career here in 2006, raise my family here, and never turned back.

Cattail Organics now builds on what brought me to, and keeps me in farming – a focus on community connections, the work of building a more just food system, and also the beauty and challenge of producing incredible food.

Land & Philosophy

Cattail Organics is focused on making the connection between farming and food  transparent and teaching eaters how to eat seasonally, organically, diversely and beautifully.

We have the highest standards for quality, flavor, food safety and cleanliness and exceed the organic standards as we are 100% no spray.

In addition of 5 acres of vegetables we steward a fresh water stream and pond, a 20 acre maple grove, 5 acres of vegetables, 3 acres of beneficial insect habitat, and a growing small apple orchard.

The farm is also home to our family which includes my three kids and husband and co-farmer who has his own farm business (this is what happens when two farmers get married); my mother (right next door), and provides a meeting place of community for our CSA members, neighbors and friends.

USDA Organic
Faireshare CSA Coalition
Marathon County Hunger Coalition
Real Organic