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What Are CSA and Our Farm All About?

CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

– CSA is a system of shared risk and reward where eaters (customers) commit to a full season of produce
from a farm helping provide seed money (avoiding seasonal debt common in our agricultural system)
and allowing farmers to grow what eater want and like the most within a seasonal calendar.
– Our CSA provides eaters with highest quality organic food as well as educational resources, chances to
connect with the farmer and farm and a larger community around the farm.
– Cattails CSA offers three seasons of CSA – Spring, Summer and Fall/Winter and 3 options for delivery:
Every week or Every Other Week or Monthly.
– In our CSA you choose a membership around your food needs specific to your family by allowing you
to opt in and out of vegetables.
– Our boxes are about the size of a large paper grocery bag (3/4 bushel) and the weight and composition
changes with the seasons.

Cattail Organics offers several things unique to our CSA

Customized boxes: Our CSA members have the ability to opt in and out of vegetables you don’t
care for or love and we use a survey to determine your eating style so we can pack you the best
box JUST FOR YOU within the constraints of the growing season. We also offer the option for us to
just pack a box each week without any parameters (about half our members do this) NOTE: If you
have severe food allergies or a specific diet (keto, low carb etc) we can work with you to figure out
a CSA box that can work for you!

Staples: All our boxes are intentionally structured to give you foods most people like! Some
people have had negative experiences with CSA or box programs by being flooded with strange or
less desirable goods each week. We use our infrastructure, planning, knowledge and focus to bring
CSA members a box which regular families can love and embrace and foodies continue to love! We
give you usable amounts for recipes and staples and take your feedback and individual
preferences/needs seriously.

Experience: Cattail Organics builds on our 15+ years of farm ownership and vegetable
production to bring you exceptionally clean, high quality organic vegetables, healthy cooking food
education with a commitment to customer and community service. Our CSA does not give you
seconds quality vegetables!

Dedication and Infrastructure: Using season extension methods we hope to bring you the
standard favorite vegetables regularly for as long as we can grow them like broccoli, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes,
carrots, onions/garlic, cabbage, salad mix and head lettuce, sweet peppers,
zucchini, potatoes, beans/peas and to expand your horizons through 1-2 unique vegetables per
week (with lots of recipes to help you use them). We will include weekly herbs with occasional
mushrooms and special items.

Download our Guide How to Choose the Right CSA Share PDF