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Employment Overview

Be a part of our small, dedicated and hardworking farm crew growing organic produce and feeding our community!

We strive to grow high quality food efficiently, to train people interested in agricultural careers and to feed a diversity of eaters in our community including CSA and farmers market customers, chefs and retail establishments and food banks and schools.

Cattail Organics is located in Athens Wisconsin Cattail Organics is close to Northwoods camping, hiking, and small cites including Wausau, Medford, Marshfield and Stevens Point. We are located in an area with growing opportunities in local/organic food with affordable agricultural land and strong infrastructure for new farmers. Our area offers other employment opportunities for off-season/winter employment including well paid food and manufacturing factory work, retail and food service.

About us:
Cattail Organics Farm is a certified organic vegetable in Athens WI. We grow a wide variety of veggies, flowers and herbs (plus maple syrup and fruit) which are sold to restaurants, farmers markets, schools, grocery stores and our CSA program in and around North Central Wisconsin. We are also members of a statewide Cooperative and serve the broader region through larger wholesale orders with this co-op.

We sell produce year round with a focus on season extension using unheated tunnels in spring and fall, highest quality roots. We have over 18 years individual experience and expertise in many areas including reduced tillage systems, mechanized and hand tool based production, year round production in a far north environment and much more! We are looking to new farm team members as our farm and employment opportunities grow and our farmer roles and management evolve.

Hiring Timeline 

We offer positions with opportunities for advancement, raises and movement into managerial positions with gained experience. We also offer direct comprehensive management training with the Wisconsin Organic Vegetable Manager Apprenticeship for second year (and beyond) employees.

We continue to take job applications throughout the year and hire when opportunities to work with great employees arise but most hiring is done in winter and spring before the growing season.

Pay ranges from $15-$18/hour starting wage based on position and experience. Raises are given in accordance with both increased responsibility and number of years on the job. Base pay for all employees at full training (2 years completed) is $17 and managerial jobs are $18+.


Field Crew Member Summer and Full Season 

  • Summer only positions May/June-August/Sept (minimum 12 weeks)
  • Long Season positions start April/May – Oct/Nov and can be extended based on employees commitment. Seniority is used for full season work.Compensation:
  • Starting pay is $14+ based on experience. After the first month employees receive an $1/hour raise to $15.
  • Plentiful farmer seconds and market return vegetables.Position Summary:
  • End of the season bonus. We budget for $1/hour bonus for all hours worked for employees who finish the whole planned season with us.
  • All members of our team should enjoy outdoor work in all conditions, work cooperatively and considerately with other team members, work independently, be reliable, be in good physical shape, communicate well and persevere in the face of challenges like weather mud and sun. This position will involve harvesting, planting, weeding, washing, and packing vegetables of all types. This position will involve other regular land and farm field maintenance including mowing, weedwacking, laying landscape fabric, pounding posts, simple repairs, trellising, setting up irrigation, greenhouse work and more. 


    • Harvest, wash, and pack produce
    • Weed and hoe
    • Transplant vegetables
    • Mowing and weedwacking field edges
    • Watering greenhouse plants
    • Trellising in the field or greenhouse
    • Running irrigation
    • Assisting with washing and packing veggies
    • General tool maintenance like sharpening, cleaning


Dates and Times of Work

These positions can be full or part time with a minimum of 3 days (27 hours a week)  based on your desired schedule. Work takes place Monday-Friday

Our standard season starts in May and continues through Thanksgiving. Summer positions are a minimum of 12 weeks. We can work with college or other school schedules as needed. Please specify months of desired work in application

Regular hours are 7am-5pm for both full and part time employees with a 1 hour unpaid lunch. Shorter work days or half work days are possible if arranged in advance (so accommodations can be made for employees based on childcare of specific start/end times if needed).

Occasional/scheduled days off are generally okay with prior approval but be advised that we do work holidays like July 4th, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Long term employees and managers accumulate PTO etc as well.

Qualifications necessary:

  • Able to work within a hanging and fast-paced environment
  • Pass basic background check as needed for vehicle operation
  • Cleanish driving record – we work with our farm vehicle insurance agent to determine this so minor infractions are usually ok.

Additional Qualities:

  • Passion and interest in working/learning about small-scale, organic vegetable, herb and flower production
  • Self-starter, self-disciplined, goal orientated
  • Comfortable with a woman led farm and female managers
  • Comfortable with kids and a family working environment
  • Ability to work both independently and as a team member
  • Be in good physical condition, work in all weather conditions, and able to lift 50 lbs
  • Ability to work in a potentially challenging environment and be adaptable
  • Have transportation and be punctual
  • Interested and willing to ask questions
  • Attention to detail, experience building efficient systems, and record-keeping
  • Outstanding communication (oral) skills; share and accept  feedback in a team environment